A Happy Accident

A funny thing happened while I was getting my nails done.  I got a really cool gun-metal blue effect for my nails:

Metal nails

Why is it funny? Well………..

So I always get my nails done as a personal treat for my birthday.  For this year, I wanted to get a nice purple color with a hint of sparkle.  Purple you say? Cuz that there color on the picture above is definitely not purple….obviously.

I had picked out a distinctly purple color as well as shiny sparkles, and shown it to my manicurist, so I had no idea that my nails would turn out this way…..unless my manicurist was color blind?

Metal nails 1

Why didn’t I say anything? Well, the type of manicure I got was a gel manicure, so when the manicurist was putting the color on, and I noticed it was darker than purple, I thought, well maybe the color would show up after the gel procedure is done.

For those who don’t know, a gel manicure consists of putting a special type of gel and color on your nails, then putting it under ultraviolet light to harden the application.  I’ve grown fond of gel manicures because they tend to last longer, and they look so much better than a regular manicure.

It didn’t help that I was in a hurry to get to a gathering right after the manicure, so I really didn’t take a look until I got outside in the light of day:

Metal nails 2

I still think it turned out REALLY well.  A happy accident, if you will 🙂

BUT.  Just to be safe, the next time  I get a manicure, I will be sure to have the manicurist show me the color first before application.

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