Hello December!

Wow! talk about time flying.  I can’t believe we are now in the last month of 2016.  This year has definitely come loaded with challenges, heartbreak, and surprises…. but with wonderful beginnings, get-togethers, and affirmations of what life is truly all about.  I’ve not been as great a blogger as I should have been, and I won’t make any promises for 2017. What I will say is this: I will be more intentional about what I do.

Till then, here is a throwback picture of our Christmas tree last year:


Our 2015 tree was special as it was our first full-length, proper, 6 ft tree. In prior years, we had opted to get smaller trees as we thought it would fit better in our living room.  Well, in 2015, we decided to minimize and prioritize living space, and realized that we did indeed have enough new space for a full-length tree.

We don’t have our 2016 tree yet, getting it this week-end, but boy oh boy are we excited !

Have a great week-end y’all!

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