Abbey Road & my new 2016 Blogging Goal

Wow, its awfully quiet around here, obviously.  No-one to blame but myself. SO. New 2016 blogging goal. Post at least once a month.  I also may have sneakily linked my Instagram account to this blog, so more regular posts might come in automatically via that route. For now, check out the cool “Abbey Road” I … [Read more…]


So I’m still uber busy with work, what with our new office space expansion construction finally finishing last week, plus moving into my new office space, plus coordinating the entire office move as well! Whew! Once the dust settles, then I will be more eloquent about my recent travels. I will be eloquent right now … [Read more…]

Back to Reality

Hello everyone! Talk about silence aka not writing anything on this blog for the past three weeks. As you may or may not know, I have been traipsing my way through Paris, and then Bali for the past couple of weeks, and now have just got my bearings back after one particularly hellish week of … [Read more…]