Pearls and Mangoes:

– is an attempt to describe my many eclectic tastes. Pearls are an icon of classic and historical style, while mangoes are a sweet and exotic fruit from the land of my birth, the Philippines. Totally disparate ideas, coupled into one theme for what will hopefully be a interesting array of memories of words, pictures, videos, and sound.


– creator and writer of Pearls and Mangoes. Welcome to my journey of self-expression born from the need to never, ever lose myself in the daily grind of life and office culture. I have big hair, like being quirky and try to include colors in my everyday life. My style swings from eclectic to classic to wild. You can find me rummaging through racks at the local thrift shop, or at your high-end fashion boutiques. I dabble in photography and mixed media art plus love posting pictures of interesting objects, art, food, architecture, etc on my tumblr blog, Esthetic Gleam .

Join me as I aim to find the perfect balance between my office and artistic life.